"So much love and gratitude from my heart to yours Amanda Manfredi for capturing one of my loves.....teaching to the beautiful big souls in little bodies on our planet. You have the gift of embracing the beauty and artistic value of photography. So thankful that I will forever have these gorgeous images. Love to you my dear friend!" -Jeanene Farley

  "Love and gratitude goes to the gifted and beautiful Amanda Manfredi. No one challenges, defies and creates time quite like Amanda who makes the most of every precious moment.

A true yogini, Amanda aspires to share her passion and knowledge of astanga and vinyasa yoga with all people. When she is not teaching, learning or practicing yoga Amanda is creating art through her photography; drawing intricate mandalas; beading enchanting malas; or sharing her soul through written words.

Amanda is a dear friend and teacher to me. Her advice and words are spoken from the heart and have guided and influenced my path.  The few words written here pay humble homage and are just a small token of appreciation for the seeds Amanda plants within her friends, students and community." -Julie Kanara

“I am very familiar with Amanda’s work because she has taken some of the most breath-taking photos of my wife (Flamenco Dancer – Lena Jacome) that I have ever seen. And they were taken LIVE! I highly recommend Amanda Manfredi to anyone looking for unforgettable photography.” -Chris Burton Jacome

“Amanda is truly a great talent. Always creative and passionate about her work.” -John Ryan

“Amanda is a true master artist in the photography world. I have worked with many photographers over my 20+ years in the entertainment and media industry but never with a more gifted artist than Amanda. Combine her artistry with her technical knowledge, seemingly endless supply of fresh ideas and her easy-going, friendly attitude and you get the kind of photographer you only meet once in a lifetime. Hire her now before she’s got an exhibit at the Smithsonian….she’s that good!” -Robert Turchick

“Amanda has “the eye” and in photography there is no quality more necessary. Amazingly there are many photographers who go through the motions, learn a craft and manage to pump out the work. There is more to the job than creating an image. With Amanda you get the entire package. She not only is incredibly motivated and hard working, but she possess the creative talent that most will never achieve. I have been a professional photographer for over 25 years and have worked with many photographers. Amanda stands out in the crowd!” -Mary Ellen Knopp

“This letter is my personal recommendation for Amanda Manfredi. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Amanda through Alma Schnell’s Shall We Dance Concert that took place the summer of 2008. I found Amanda to be highly detail oriented and excel in artistic integrity, developing amazing images that were both of exceptional quality and inventive. Besides being a highly dedicated photographer and a pleasure to work with, Amanda is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. I highly recommend Amanda for employment. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.” -Lena Jacome

“Amanda is reliable and thorough. I recommend her with no hesitations.” -Neal Bookspan

“Amanda took some great pictures of my son during gymnastics practice and meets. She put together some creative photo concepts for me to review and produced some really professional and reasonably priced pictures. I would recommend her work to anyone!” -Chris Chapman

“I have the greatest trust and respect for this woman’s work. I enjoy the work she has done for me as much as the work I have seen her create for other clients.” -Richard Tybor

“Amanda is a talented photographer and artist and a creative free spirit who brings a fresh point of view to all of her projects. She is not afraid to share her passion with other artists, even if it means giving up trade secrets and shortcuts that have taken her years to develop. Amanda toils over her work, hour after hour, until the finished product meets her strict approval, for the benefit of the client and the art as a whole.” -Michael Manfredi

“Working with Amanda was a complete joy. Her mastery of the photographic realm is amazing. She was able to bring new techniques to speed up the process of enhancing large amounts of photos and slides without sacrificing the quality that the iMemories brand stands for. As a scene selector, attention to details, speed and accuracy are the coveted qualities and she brought those to the table from day one. I highly recommend hiring Amanda for any position or work that requires the qualities I have mentioned above.” -Robert Turchick